Helping the Auto Industry Transform Ground Vehicles – More Efficient. More Environmentally Sustainable. More Connected.

Efficient Vehicles and Sustainable Transportation Systems

EVSTS research center wins 5-year funding from National Science Foundation for phase two- read the press release here.

Getting Around. Our vehicles – getting us to work. To school. To family. To fun. Now more than ever, ground transportation for humans – plus the necessity of effectively, efficiently, and quickly transporting vital goods – is more than a priority. It’s a lifeline.

Research = Results. This center combines the best academic minds from four universities with industry-leading OEMs and their suppliers to work together on applied, pre-competitive research. The result? Technologies, methodologies, and tools that shape all aspects of energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable ground vehicles and the infrastructure that supports them.

Our Vehicles. Passenger cars, light- and heavy-duty trucks, and motorized off-road equipment. Center research encompasses vehicle-level technologies and transportation system infrastructure, all while reflecting the complexity and global nature of the automotive and ground transportation industries.

Automotive / Ground Transportation Industry Participants. Industry leaders comprised of original equipment vehicle manufacturers, component and system suppliers, energy providers, fleet operators, infrastructure and service providers, industry associations, local and state governments, and federal research laboratories participate in EVSTS.

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A National Science Foundation Industry-University Cooperative Research Center.