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Center for Efficient Vehicles and Sustainable Transportation Systems

How it works

How it works graphic. All information in the graphic is listed in text below.

  • Center Funding: (1) industry membership fees, (2) NSF I/UCRC grants to each university site, (3) university contributions (indirect cost waivers)
  • Industry Leadership: governed by Industry Advisory Board (IAB) with center members
  • Structure: IAB participates in establishing the center’s research agenda, bylaws, research portfolio, technology roadmap, project selection and monitoring
  • Shared IP model: all members share resulting intellectual property

The process

  • Funding from NSF academia, industry ->
  • Industry advisory board selects projects for funding ->
  • Faculty and students conduct research with industry participation ->
  • Value produced: experienced and employable student engineers, knowledge methodologies, algorithms, software and hardware designs, process improvements and more.