Why participate?

Why participate? Your peers are.

Leaders know when to innovate and when to collaborate. Shaping the future of ground vehicles – how they are powered. How they are optimized. How they function. And where they will go. These are the fundamental challenges that industry leaders are working on, together. Your competitors and your suppliers have already begun the work.

What’s in it for you?

Gain early access to cutting-edge research.

  • Collaborate with faculty experts in various technical disciplines.
  • Participate in periodic research meetings, give/get feedback and provide direction.
  • Directly influence prioritization and selection of projects for implementation with your votes.

Hire from a well-trained, selective group of graduate students for summer internships and future employment.

A single membership allows member companies to access results from four universities.

  • IUCRC increases ROI of sponsored research for member companies by 10X – 20X.
  • NSF funds pay for administration costs, not included in above ROI.
  • Cost-effective research: overhead is 10% of membership fee vs. typical university overhead of 55% to > 80% on industry funds, with IP agreements negotiated on an individual basis.